Will definitely use again

"Normally gels make my hair really crunchy but this one left it really defined and soft when combined with the curl cream. Will definitely use these again."
-On LA Naturals Curling Jelly and Elongating Curl Cream

The ultimate twist out!!

"The ultimate twist out!!"

On LA Naturals Manuka Honey & Coconut Curling Jelly and Coconut Custard

A more natural look!

Here's a post for all my parents with #curlykids : After cleansing Gianna's hair I work in small sections detangling with a moisturizing conditioner (This time I used the @la.naturals Double Creme Moisture Masque ) then I twist that detangled section so it doesn't tangle back up. I even rinse her hair out in the twists so we never have to repeat the detangling process!! To style her hair I used the @la.naturals Shrink Away Elongating Curl Cream & Curling Jelly. When I re twisted the sections I did smaller twists for more definition. The next day I used some of the Elongating Curl Cream to take out the twists because I've found using a cream to take out her two strand twists gives her curls a more natural look!!

My hair smells delicious!

"Big wash n go courtesy of God and @la.naturals jelly and detangler after using cowash and deep conditioning. Thanks for the suggestions. My hair smells delicious" - On LA Naturals Curling Gel and Detangling Spray

Manuka Honey and Coconut Curling Jelly

"Melanin + Curls are Poppin with the help of @LA.naturals Manuka Honey and Coconut Curling Jelly! Are you following @LA.naturals yet?!? You should be girlllllll"
- On Manuka Honey and Coconut Curling Jelly

Elongating creme REALLY worked

"I tried the Shrink Away Elongating Curl Creme from @la.naturals & it definitely did its job! I have tight curls so I wanted to see if an elongating creme REALLY worked for our type of hair!"

Nice curl, sheen and softness

"I have natural black hair, I don't want to apply any heat to my hair. This product gives my hair a nice curl, sheen and softness" - On Long Aid Extra Dry Hair Activator Gel

Don’t stop making this gel…

"Don't stop making this gel… it's my staple! Love it!"
- On Long Aid Extra Dry Activator Gel

My hair drinks it up

"This stuff stretches our natural hair as it moisturizes. It is heavy if you make it. But my hair drinks it up"
- On Long Aid K7 Hair & Scalp Conditioner

Helps with hair growth

"Great product. Helps with hair growth"
- On Long Aid K7 Hair & Scalp Conditioner

Very very good for acne

"I use the black soap it's very very good for acne. And works fast"
- On Ultra Glow African Black Soap

It fades away all black spots

"Using this product over 25 years. I have no regrets. It fades away all black spots. Highly recommended"
- On Ultra Glow Cleansing Bar

Swear by it
Geny A.

"I have been using this for 7 years straight and refuse to use anything else! works on everything from acne scars to stretch marks. Swear by it. "
- On Ultra Glow Cocoa Butter